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Welcome to the wild World Of Wwe Fashion! Here, you can find all the wardrobe malfunctions, pictures and stories that will leave you laughing and cringing at the same time. From accidental slips to divas daring enough to show up without clothes, this blog has all the wardrobe fails that made WWE history.

So sit back and get ready for a wild ride through pro wrestling’s most embarrassing moments!

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The world of wrestling often offers unexpected moments of excitement, from surprise knockouts to unplanned showdowns. Unfortunately, these bouts can also involve some unscripted wardrobe malfunctions – images that give fans a glimpse at unexpected (and often unwanted) glimpses of competitors’ bodies and clothing.

Here we’ll review some of the most memorable wardrobe malfunctions from World Wrestling Entertainment events over the years.

History of WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions

Charlotte Flair Wardrobe Malfunction

Throughout the history of the WWE, there have been multiple instances of wardrobe malfunctions. These embarrassing moments can be a result of an ill-fitting outfit or a sudden move that reveals more than expected.

These incidents have happened with not only female wrestlers, but also male wrestlers, as well as announcers. From divas’ shirts being pulled off to trunks slipping down, these wardrobe malfunctions have become some of the most memorable acts in wrestling history.

In 2006 Torrie Wilson’s top became untied during her match against Sable at Wrestlemania XX where it stayed that way until the end of the fight.

Torrie Wilson Wardrobe Malfunction
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Another incident occurred in 2007 when Melina was defending her Divas Championship on an episode of Raw and her tights were almost ripped off by Victoria.

Melina wardrobe

Another notable incident took place during WrestleMania 23 when Candice Michelle’s top nearly came apart while she was in the ring with Melina and Ashley Massaro.

Candice Michelle wardrobe malfunction

One more embarrassing moment happened on an episode of Raw when Maryse Ouellet had to run off stage because part of her outfit ripped off during a match against Kelly Kelly.

The WWE continues to bring exciting entertainment for its viewers and moments like these will add a spark to any wrestling show. Going forward one can expect there will be more wardrobe malfunction pics at upcoming events, even if they are avoided better than in years past.

Famous Wardrobe Incidents in WWE

Throughout its history, the WWE has attracted millions of viewers with thrilling wrestling matches and high-profile events. Unfortunately, there have also been times when wrestlers have suffered from wardrobe malfunctions, resulting in embarrassing moments that have become the talk of their fan base.

Trish Malfunction WWE

From female divas to powerful male wrestlers, wardrobe malfunctions have been a part of WWE for several years and these are some of the most memorable ones:

  1. JBL: During a match between John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) and John Cena at WrestleMania 25, an untimely wardrobe malfunction caused JBL’s trousers to drop down as he tried to fight Cena. The moment went viral and received social media attention from across the globe.
  2. Sunny: Back in 1996 at WrestleMania XII, Sunny suffered one of the most infamous wardrobe malfunctions when she came out on stage wearing just her bra and panty. As she strutted down the aisle with her friend Phineas Godwin by her side, she suddenly realized that how exposed she was. She quickly covered herself with a towel while Phineas worked to find a robe for her to put on as soon they reach their destination.
  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin: During a 1999 Survivor Series match between Big Show & The Rock vs Triple H & The Big Boss Man, Stone Cold Steve Austin shamelessly exposed his backside due to a massive problem with his tights during an entrance skit in front of thousands of fans at MCI Center in Washington D C.
  4. Kane: Though he’s rarely had any clothing problems over his long career in WWE, even Kane accidentally endured one live on Monday Night Raw. Two men were fighting on top Kane’s legs when his pants split! It lit up social media instantly before authorities swiftly intervened to cover him.

Eva Marie lost her top

Causes of Wear-and-Tear

WWE wardrobe malfunctions are often caused by wrestlers’ clothing being inadvertently pulled or torn away during a match. These may be caused by an opponent’s moves, the use of a chair or some other object, an accidental pulling of threads during a clothesline, and so forth. Additionally, some wrestlers intentionally expose parts of their clothing in order to achieve a desired look or effect.

WWE wear and tear

In terms of clothing itself, WWE wrestler attire is typically either very loose-fitting and flexible in order to avoid any possible damage from contact during the match, or is made from spandex material which is more rigid and form-fitting. Both styles are susceptible to wardrobe malfunctions if they become tangled with something else on the ring or if they tear from excessive stretching.

Furthermore, wrestling costumes are constantly exposed to wear and tear due to exposure to sweat, dirt, and debris in the ring as well as other risks such as chairs being thrown at them. This can eventually lead to stretches or tears in the material which can make it easier for part of a wrestler’s attire to become undone during a match.

Impact of Wardrobe Malfunctions on WWE

The impact of wardrobe malfunctions on WWE over the years has been significant. While minor wardrobe malfunctions may be forgotten by fans, major wardrobe malfunctions that reveal more significant body parts have typically become some of the most talked-about moments in WWE history.

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Such incidents have had two primary impacts on WWE. Firstly, they have served as an attention grabber, generating significant media attention for the federation and allowing them to draw in larger crowds for future events.

In 2019, Ronda Rousey suffered one of the most visible wardrobe malfunction during WrestleMania 35 while competing against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Reports later stated that she had asked WWE to end her match early due to her wardrobe malfunction proving too embarrassing for her and a distraction to viewers.

Ronda Rousey Nip Slip

Due to such incidents affecting both ticket sales and potential TV deal values, many major companies including TNA Wrestling and World National Wrestling Entertainment amongst others now enforce strict rules regarding ‘wardrobe checks’ prior to events beginning in an attempt to prevent similar situations occurring again in the future.

Media Coverage of WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions


WWE wardrobe malfunctions can become major news stories – both for WWE superstars and the wrestlers themselves. Not only do news outlets report on these high-profile moments, but fans often flock to sites like YouTube and social media to share memes, GIFs and other images related to WWE wardrobe malfunctions.

Professional wrestling can provide an escape from reality for many of its fans, and these moments of humor remind audiences that WWE is entertainment as much as it is athletics.


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Media coverage of wardrobe malfunctions often focuses on the personalities involved in their creation. Fans identify with both the wrestler causing the mishap as well as the wrestler who is its victim. This can be a source of sympathy or teasing depending on audience sentiment regarding either party.

It is not uncommon for interviews to take place in which a wrestler explains the embarrassing event; this further humanizes them, adding depth and complexity to their character without overshadowing their wrestling ability or victories in that particular match.

In summary, media coverage of WWE wardrobe malfunction pics is generally positive or humorous depending on fan opinions of those involved. These incidents allow viewers to mediate break while also gaining insight into characters they love watching in action each week.


It is clear from the above examples, that wardrobe malfunctions can occur in any sport. It is important for athletes to ensure their clothing fits properly during events and practice to reduce the risk of it happening.

In WWE, wrestlers and divas need to ensure their costumes are secure before stepping out onto the ring as having a wardrobe malfunction could lead to major embarrassment for both the superstar and the promotion.

In recent years, WWE has implemented a stricter policy when it comes to costumes and attire worn by its stars so that any potential disasters can be avoided and fans continue to enjoy thrilling shows with no interruption.