Some say it is a hoax, some say it is embalmed in herbal oils which cover the layer of the skin.. however recent testing has been done and it has been confirmed to be a female.. it dates back over 1,500 years.. It has DNA which is now being examined by multiple sources..
It could well be an ET artifact, real evidence of non-human being. This isn't the only reported Alien/Extraterrestrial mummified body. There have been multiple bodies reported especially in south america.. as well as abnormal skulls which have been proven to have non-human DNA.. 
Some of the skulls found worldwide are linked to a special type of procedure which includes flatting the head with wooden boards ,etc. This has been done in south american & african cultures, and individuals would do so to mimmic the so called ''gods''. 
However many of these skulls.. which have been found as of recently.. do NOT confirm this process. They definitely seem to signify an ET skull or at least some very rare mutation or hybridisation of the native earthling.

Video link to recent crop circle decoded june 2017:

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