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France's Europe Minister has told FRANCE 24 that British PM Theresa May must change her proposals for the UK's Withdrawal Agreement from the EU, as "the Chequers proposal would threaten the functioning of the European Union." Nathalie Loiseau also told Catherine Nicholson that British citizens in France after Brexit will still have rights - though the level of those rights will depend on what Britain's government gives to French people living in the UK.
France's Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau revealed that she is preparing to make a raft of law changes by decree, to come into force one day after Brexit day. 
The aim is to ensure that British residents in France do not lose their legal status - as well as keeping traffic moving through the Channel Tunnel, among other pressing issues.
However the minister admitted that she will not guarantee any rights for British citizens currently in France until the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the UK is finalised.
She spoke to our Europe Editor Catherine Nicholson.

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