In my first video on this topic I received a few comments saying that I needed to get to the point so in this video I get to point of showing you how I manifest what I want by using water💦.


👉👉What you will need:
💦A glass of water👌
💦Piece of paper👌

Step 1:  Write your intentions on a piece of paper.  (Optional:  Include the date)
Step 2: Place the glass of water on top of the paper with your intentions.
Step 3:  Rub your hands together until they begin to feel warm
Step 4:  Cradle the glass of water with your warmed up hands and visualize about the intenitons that you wrote on the piece of paper.
Step 6:  You can either throw away the paper or you can keep it.


💢💥💢💥 TESTIMONIAL 💥💢💥💢💥💢💥
By Deborah Elaine

FYI this works and works well.  I manifested many things using this exact technique and also using quantum jumping.  For those this doesn’t work for that’s due to your doubt whether you feel doubt or not your subconscious may be doubting things your not even aware of ... suggestion is to meditate and truly calm your mind before trying this because myself and many people I have shared this with years ago are living proof it Infact works.  Not always about science and facts.  Manifestation is a result of our inner belief and our own strengths.  I manifested a marriage proposal dated my bf for 2 years never discussed marriage he proposed 12 days after this technique), 8,000 into my bank account (unexpectedly and only 4 days later) quit smoking (the same day cigarettes actually made me sick after) got a raise at work (the following Friday it was in my paycheck no discussion prior just happened) and those are just a few things.  To the nay sayers it’s not for everyone and not believing is your first mistake.  Positivity is key and know your worth whatever your trying to manifest.  Water can be your best friend along with belief you can make anything happen.  I don’t feel this is just manifestation I believe it’s law of attraction, energy work, and water work but it DOES WORK!  Blessed be ~

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How To Manifest What You Want By Using Water💦

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