Tony Parker is a master of the jumping off the wrong foot in order to beat a shot blocker to the rim. By jumping off the right foot for a righty finish, the defender can’t chop his steps or measure the shot. He can jump off of either foot, and finish with either hand. Tony can jab dribble all day, and use a two footed gather to get his patented teardrop over ANY defender. He’s got a myriad of post moves, pump fakes, reverse pivots, step-throughs.

Four NBA championships. One Finals MVP. One FIBA Eurobasket MVP. Six All Star appearances Tony Parker has accomplished just about everything that can be done, and yet, somehow, he’s still underrated. Sure, he’s lost a step or two, but at the age of 33, is that really surprising? While Tony doesn’t have the athleticism of a Rose or Westbrook, or the handles of a Kyrie or Steph, he can absolutely still finish with the best of them. That is in no small part thanks to his mastery of moves, and his fundamentally fantastic footwork. Pay attention to his gather, how quickly he plants his feet to elevate. Take note of which leg he jumps off, on which side of the floor, with which hand he uses to finish. I can tell you that if you pay attention to the little things, like Parker does, your game will be all the better for it. 


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