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Song title: West Side Hori (REMIX)
Composer: Tipene, Sid Diamond, Sir T
SickDrumz: Juse

Juse,,,west side hori remix

Verse 1 - (Sid Diamond)
yah, In the streets we would kick it, cricket
Worn down bat, street's light as the wickets
Had a cul-de-sac in the middle
Where the big kids would put us to fight
Not tryna brag, but I was winning
When the ice cream truck rolled around
I was wishing for a buck 10, that'’s how much it was then
The house I lived in, the grownups ran amok and
Disputes on the daily, fam feuds crazy, leave it at that
It'’s too insane for me to rap about
I used to wanna be like my big brother
Draw, rap, sag, rag, everything
From the hair do, to the toughness
I remember one day I tried to follow him
Then caught a boot to the stomach
That’'s my roots as a youngin'
I mean before I hit form two, at form two?
Academic mind, same time naughty too
Argue with whoever wanted, didn’t care
I wouldn't change that for anything

Cause I was raised out the south side of Auckland
As soon as you hit 13 you're considered a grown man
A lot of us is stuck in that same rut
Dysfunctional families, parents running amok, but still
I love the place I was raised in
Representing to that very day when I push a couple daisies
It's the place that made me strong
Otara to the world in this song, let’s go

Verse 2 - (Sir T)
I guess it’s true what they telling me
Home is where the heart beats
Stand tall for my streets, even if it starts beef
That's beside the point though, I'm a grown man now
Inspiration for the kids on how my life's planned out
How my wings have spanned out, through goals I have set
Elevated to a better man, now foes ain't a threat
You can touch me in the flesh I’'m real, see me round my hood
Here to leave a legacy present, so I'll be round for good
The place flowing through my veins be through up and downs with you
Through no matter what, I stay chasing that crown for you
Just hope the next generation follow through
To know it's possible to do bigger and better things than I can do
Where I can rest no matter what, my people know my name
Cause I've never looked down on them so they've treated me the same
Yeah, it's the place that made me strong
I got love for my hood, Beach Haven is home

Yeah I was raised on the north side of Auckland
Beach Haven valley, only place I see important
To me the streets I'm holding to my very last breath
Where a lot of us fell off, so I may give it my best
That’s to the end, a place that never changes
The kids bring us hope to break the chain
That we've brang into this game it's
It’'s the place that made me strong
I got love for my hood so I show it in this song

Verse 3 - (Tipene)
We happy even though we hardly had a thing
Karaoke have a sing, sounds pumping hard
Man, it’s overpowerin' my chattering
Gutterboard battling, Sherberts and the Hennessy
Skin board, double time
Sweet brother, have a seat
Serving them up like Agassi
West side horis be the handball kings
Too broke to be athletes, couldn'’t pay the fees
But give me 50 cents and I'’ll show you all the fatalities
Man, street fighter had to be, where the brother started at
Uniform worn with my nomads at my starter camp
Home is where my heart is at
Kapa haka, harder slaps
Whakapapa, preserving te reo like an artifact
High crime rates, cholesterol and heart attacks
But if you in a scrap, every hori's got your back, yeah
We bout to put every hori on the map
Sidney, Sir T, Tipene chh-ch-chyeah

I was raised on the west side of Flaxmere
And when I’'m in the hood I reminisce on how we were back then
Swear everybody stuck in the same rut
We didn't have much but it was always just enough
It's where, everybody knows your name
The place to call home where we all learned to grow through the pain it's
It's the place that made me strong
I got love for my hood so I show it in this song

Director/Producer: Tipene
DOP: Fanaati Mamea
Filming: Fanaati Mamea
Post Production: Fanaati Mamea
Grading: Fanaati Mamea
Music Production: Juse (MTC)
Location: Otara(South Auckland),Beach Haven(North Shore)Central Auckland.

Special Thanks to Sid and Sir T for this classic. Also to Fanaati Mamea for taking this job on such short notice. Love brothers. 


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